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Gourmet Market -Les Halles de Lyon -Paul Bocuse

What are the first three words coming to your mind when you hear about the city of Lyon? Mine were beauty, silk and gourmet. Chosen for the best gateway city in Europe for last year, Lyon has become my favorite city in France too. Famous as the Birthplace of cinema, world capital of silk, Lyon… Continue reading Gourmet Market -Les Halles de Lyon -Paul Bocuse

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St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

Just three hours away from New York or with easy access from most of Europe's finest - Paris, Amsterdam, London there is small piece of exclusive land, a heaven, so worth  of visiting - St. Barthelemy island or St. Barths. Even though, I didn't like most of the Caribbean islands, I have visited, St. Barths was… Continue reading St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

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“Because you are exceptional”

 With a bottle of one of my favourite parfumes from Chanel and the words "Because you are exceptional",  I would always remember my last meeting with a real- titled- Lady,who for the story,I would call Lady Margareth. Lady Margareth was born in the United Kingdom something like 70 years ago in a family of commoners(… Continue reading “Because you are exceptional”