An afternoon in Petra

Petra, one of the world’s most impressive and atmospheric archaeological sites, once thriving metropolis,then forgotten for more then 500 years, before rediscovered again, is nowadays one of the most visited or desire-to-visit city on Earth. The visit of Petra in the afternoon of 12 April, 2017  has marked the highlight of my entire 6 months at sea and the memory of which are still so … Continue reading An afternoon in Petra

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve

What would be a visit to South Africa without a visit of one of its many nature game reserves?  Not complete, i guess. Located within a short drive from the East London, Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve is not among the top 10 Game reserves in South Africa or on the African continent, but it was a great way to … Continue reading Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve

Seals watching in Walvis Bay and Touring around Cape Town

Located in the Southern-most tip of the African continent, the seasons in South Africa and Namibia are opposite then those in the Northern Hemisphere. While my homeland, Bulgaria was covered with snow and the temperatures barely hit the “0”, I was enjoying the summer in some of the finest of Namibia and South Africa. Here is in few words, how I found both – Walvis Bay and Cape … Continue reading Seals watching in Walvis Bay and Touring around Cape Town

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From Dubai to South Africa

Wow, I can’t believe myself how fast the time has past. The 2 1/2 months after joining my new home-at-sea are gone. From Dubai via  Abu Dhabi and then India, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar ( Tanzania) and the Seychelles, here is how I saw few of the places I went out at. Dubai Dubai is with no doubt a city of contrast, innovation and creativity. It … Continue reading From Dubai to South Africa

6 months at Sea across the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and the Mediterranean

It is the very early morning of the 17th of November and here am I sitting in my favourite coffee shop at the airport of Varna, Bulgaria, just waiting to board the first of the three planes, I’m about to take today before reaching my end destination – Dubai. I will have a shot time to recover before boarding the Silver Cloud cruise ship tomorrow, … Continue reading 6 months at Sea across the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and the Mediterranean

Gourmet Market -Les Halles de Lyon -Paul Bocuse

What are the first three words coming to your mind when you hear about the city of Lyon? Mine were beauty, silk and gourmet. Chosen for the best gateway city in Europe for last year, Lyon has become my favorite city in France too. Famous as the Birthplace of cinema, world capital of silk, Lyon is also known as the gastronomic capital of France and … Continue reading Gourmet Market -Les Halles de Lyon -Paul Bocuse

St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

Just three hours away from New York or with easy access from most of Europe’s finest – Paris, Amsterdam, London there is small piece of exclusive land, a heaven, so worth  of visiting – St. Barthelemy island or St. Barths. Even though, I didn’t like most of the Caribbean islands, I have visited, St. Barths was different. With a multicultural background, St. Barths belongs to France … Continue reading St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

London in the late November

They say, ” If a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life”, a quote I completely agree with, but made me wonder, how one could ever get tired of London? It is a city which have absolutely everything, one could love, apart of enough sunshine throughout the year perhaps. I chose to travel to London in the late November, not really by choice, … Continue reading London in the late November

Eat, Dream and LOVE Bali

Ever since the book and movie “Eat, pray and Love” were released, a trip to Bali, climb very up in my “bucket-list”. I considered myself super lucky to have incidentally landed onboard a luxury ship, visiting Italy, India and then having three days in Bali, just a week before my holiday was scheduled to begin,  from another city I already wrote about – Singapore. I have … Continue reading Eat, Dream and LOVE Bali