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Misty Milano in March

Is there anyone, who has visited Italy and didn't fall in love with the country and its La Dolce Vita ( that sweet life, that you want or not, you get to be part of, once finding yourself in Italy). I did love Italy, its language and culture, very long before I visited it and… Continue reading Misty Milano in March

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St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

Just three hours away from New York or with easy access from most of Europe's finest - Paris, Amsterdam, London there is small piece of exclusive land, a heaven, so worth  of visiting - St. Barthelemy island or St. Barths. Even though, I didn't like most of the Caribbean islands, I have visited, St. Barths was… Continue reading St. Barths- part of beautiful Europe in the Caribbean

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“Because you are exceptional”

 With a bottle of one of my favourite parfumes from Chanel and the words "Because you are exceptional",  I would always remember my last meeting with a real- titled- Lady,who for the story,I would call Lady Margareth. Lady Margareth was born in the United Kingdom something like 70 years ago in a family of commoners(… Continue reading “Because you are exceptional”