Eat, walk, love Rome…

Weeks has passed since I have returned from Rome and I have a feeling that I am behaving like a starve- to- travel person, so much so, that I have booked another trip to Italy later this summer 😊.

 For the past an year and a half, this was going to be my first international travel and I could not wait to sit in the plane, enjoy my wine above the clouds and even more, I could not wait to walk the streets of Rome, taste and see what’s new and old, since I last visited ❤️.

Last year, I also joined an Italian language class, because after my homeland-Bulgaria, Italy and France are my other two most beloved countries to travel and who knows, maybe one day even more …  So, I meant to try and speak Italian, whenever the opportunity presented, but  If I didn’t feel too confident, I could pretend to be the  tourist, I was at that time.

A week, during the spring in Rome is just soo recommended. There were warm days ( short sleeves like), there were chilled evening ( a coat time), the nature was ‘waking up’, the streets of Rome were already with visitors, but not packed (you will see in the pictures below, that they were no lines to enter some major sights, no waiting lines to be sited in a restaurant, even my favorite rooftop ” Terrazza Borromini” was ready to welcome me at the time when I decided to have the next Aperol Spritz while in Rome 😄, and the best of all was, due to recent lifted majority of restrictions, one could see the emotion and smiles of the people, while talking to them for the first time since…

If there are two words to describe my time in Rome this spring, those would be pasta and love. In fact, I am a huge pasta lover and if I was to choose a third, I wished this could be wine, but in my case was an Aperol Spritz. Honestly, there are bars and restaurants in my current town ,where one could order an Aperol, but it just does taste different than the one I had 5 times in Rome.

If you also love pasta, you know that there are three Roman pastas, you have to try – Cacio and Pepe, Carbonara and Amatriciana. I followed the recommendation of one of the tour-guides, I had during my stay and picked an old restaurant to try two of the top three and loved it. The pastas were delicious, the wine was gorgeous, service was super, super friendly, the restaurant had a history and here is the link – With no doubts though, whenever you decide to have it, if the place is recommended by a local and if you see many locals dining in there, it is sure great😉.

For the moment, I say ‘chin chin’ with a beautiful red Chianti and already packing in my head for the upcoming week on Amalfi. Until then, be safe and healthy 💗.

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