My reasons to be thankful for this Year

Last day from the Year 2020. What an incredible year that was?!

The last days of each year, I usually spend making plans for the upcoming one, the counties and places, I want to visit, the things I want to do, thinking as well – where myself and friends would celebrate the beginning of the New One and since my work for the past nearly 12 years was linked to the travel industry, I often celebrated it in different county with everything set and planned already. My mood always been upper than my usual up and positive.

This year was/ is so special and I can’t help but feeling so appreciative about it.

Most of all, I feel thankful for my family, who I get to spent half of this year and I love it. I got to know my youngest nephew, who now knows me too ❤ .

One particular family member , I feel appreciative for talking to me like no other. A talk that, I, at first didn’t like, but I was also listening good enough to have taken the step of moving back into my home-country…

I am thankful for all my colleagues at work and friends I met in the UK for the really nice Farewell, they throw me..

I am thankful that I get to spent time on my favorite place – the beach. Last I remember of spending so much time on it, it was when I was 17 years old, just before graduating and leaving the hometown.

I am thankful that for the first time since the time I left, I learned that there is a ‘ pause’ button in each of us, and I learn how to use it. So, I used it, I stepped backwards, just to build a new strategy or prepare the next plan and then moving forward. The bolder move is for the next year 😉 .

I am thankful for my parents, especially my mother, who once teach me of how to stand my two legs, never giving up, never be afraid of trying something new, failing and then try again.

So, I have done it this year. I certified in a different field, tried something new and failed ( so, I though at least) , but I won’t giving up here.

I am thankful for the digital media too, because thanks to it, I was able to keep in touch with my family at the beginning of the year and friends from around the world until now.

I am thankful for mistakes, for the difficulties, for the ability to recognize the fake in the people around me and remove them.., for everything good and better that have happen, the open doors and opportunities, but most of all, I am thankful that this year, I haven’t lost anyone – a family member or a close friend, to sickness, war or incident ( hope this will remain for the upcoming years too)..

With few hours left from this month and end of the year, I so hope that most of us, learned. We learned that really important in our life are not the items, we possess but the people, we are surrounded with, the nature too. We learned to be more creative, brave, honest, using our skills and knowledge to build something beautiful, not the opposite.

There is one quote I remember now ” a smooth sea, has never made a skilled sailor”. It is like, I needed 2020 in my life to shake, change things a lot and prepare me for the upcoming once. I hope that most of you feels that way.

Have beautiful ending of 2020 and with lots of health to the New 2021 Year.

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