Montreal in Few Hours

Here I am, sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Varna, fully enjoying my cup of cappuccino while, also admiring the colours of my favourite season – the autumn and thinking about the autumn in another lovely city, from where I recently returned – Montreal.

The Beaver Lake in the Mout Royal Park

While visiting Canada this year, I remembered  the thoughts of a good friend of mine that used to live in Canada, who once told me that during the summer, she would live home in Bulgaria, but in the autumn, definitely Canada.  A though, that I so agree now, after visiting some of the National Parks in East Canada and especially after spending the Canadian Thanksgiving in Quebec, followed by nearly 36 hours in Montreal before flying back home two weeks ago.

I didn’t know that Montreal was turning 375 Years this year and there were quit events dedicated to that Birthday, which I fully enjoyed in the end of October, combined with the lovely sunny and warm weather for that time of the year. I had 36 hours to spend in the Montreal and since it was my second time, I was planning to have quit leisurely time in the Mount Royal Park ( with the lookout to the city of Montreal), the McGill University campus ( since the Academics are my weakness) and if the weather happen to get wet, I had the Underground city as plan B, a unique complex of nearly 33 km of tunnels, stores, art galleries, museums and more, all located in the heart of the city.

rue Sherbrooke and its mansions, some of them turned into boutiques and galleries

One of my favorite streets became rue Sherbrooke, home of many historic mansions, the museum of Modern Art, located in another historical building, many many art galleries and little caffes. Rue Sherbrooke stretches in the edge of the Month Royal Park, the Botanical Gardens and the Olympic Park of Montreal. With my hotel located between rue Sherbrooke street and another significant one Crescent street, I soon realized that the choice for accommodation was brilliant. Crescent street is another popular for both tourists and locals with many many many restaurant and bars, located in old but well maintained houses.

The main shopping street was located half way from my hotel, rue Saint Catherine Street,  home to many of Montreal’s prominent department stores, such as Eaton’s, Morgan’s, Simpson’s and many others. My visit to Montreal was actually dedicated to another event, in which I decided ( not so spontaneous)  that it was about time that I close the page of my travels at sea and turned the new one to life on land.

In the evening, I met a friend, to celebrate my farewell properly over bottle of beautiful wine, street performers  and really nice french cuisine in a restaurant at the entrance of the Old Town of Montreal – the Place Jacques Cartier. The Basilica of Montreal is located within few steps away and in general, I found Montreal so so friendly and very outgoing city. It was so easy to walk and quit easy to orient.

The Lookout, no wonder I left my sense of directions at this place 🙂

The exception was in the Mount Royal Park, where once reaching the lookout point, the view down to Montreal left me speechless but also with no sense of directions anymore. I lost, but while looking for the shortest way to go out of the park, I walked pass another great spots such as the Lac aux Castors ( Beaver lake) or the historical Smith’s house, both very far from my way but totally worth of seeing it.

My visit of Montreal ended with lovely talk with the taxi driver to the airport and even lovelier time at the airport itself. For the 2 months spent travelling in Canada, I found the citizens of this lovely country, even lovelier, very friendly, sometimes curious, always smiling. Everything gives you this impression of good order and happiness. No doubts is among the best countries to live in 🙂



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