New York in 40 something km

The title says it all. I did stroll up and down from 12th Avenue, where we docked, to Park Avenue and from Central Park to Walt Street district. All done within less then 2 days and with a lot of administrative work in between. And before you ask me, why I didn’t use a car service or the metro, here is the answer. I love walking and especially when for the very first time in New York, I was afraid, I might miss something on the way and the second reason is because between 19th of September to 21st, there was a meeting of UN with President Trump in the city, so a lot of the streets were closed for cars and the traffic was more amazing, then usual. I did use the metro though to visit the lower Manhattan and on the way back to the cruise Terminal, where my ship was docked.

Here is, where I will give a little more information in how the few hours became two days, which made everyone working onboard the ship super happy, but the guests not so much.

6th Avenue with the “Love” sign, wearing my white flats matching the white outfit

Remember that in the middle of September, there was the hurricane Jose, coming close to New York. Once we reached safe the cruise terminal of Manhattan and disembark the guests, got ready to embark the new ones and have done that, the announcement came that we will have an overnight or two in New York. I couldn’t hide my excitement, as I was ready to have roughly two hours, which become nearly two days.

It is with no doubts one of the most fascinated cities on Earth, one of the most visited and one of the cities with most blog posts, articles and movies made in or about it. And when you happen to be in such city, you would like to look presentable at the very least.

It was fun thinking of what to wear, but having in mind, what my plan was, I  decided to go for flat and comfortable shoes, giving me the availability to walk a lot and fast, but looking elegant at the same time. I was moving fast and first thing, I have noticed is that there was no crowd on the street, which the city is famous for and somewhere near the 6th Avenue and MOMA, I even realized that there were only tourists and visitors of the city ( all holding maps or looking at the navigation on their phones) to be seen. All New Yorkers were obviously either at work or in air – conditioned lounges, as it was really hot and sticky day. I cannot imagine the temperatures and weather in august… As previously mentioned, there was an international event happening and the Police was also everywhere, especially near 5th Avenue and Trump Towers.

In the evening, all was different. People were outside with Times Square overcrowded and since down on the street we felt hot, we ( myself with company) decided to have our drinks in one of the rooftop bars near Times Square

Cheers from the 54 Rooftop bar

( ) . The views from the top was spectacular and the air more fresh and even a bit chilly, which we all liked.  For the second night, we decided to visit the  . I would go back to both of those any time I visit New York again. With the super limited time outside and as still new in the city, I didn’t have time to visit any museum,do a special tour or see a Broadway show,  but the plan is there and I have the feeling that I will be flying quit few times to complete my list of do’s in the city that never sleeps.

Below are few other images of done and visited while in New York with the promise left to  re-visit again and in all the different seasons – especially around the Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as in the Spring and in June.

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