Seals watching in Walvis Bay and Touring around Cape Town

Located in the Southern-most tip of the African continent, the seasons in South Africa and Namibia are opposite then those in the Northern Hemisphere. While my homeland, Bulgaria was covered with snow and the temperatures barely hit the “0”, I was enjoying the summer in some of the finest of Namibia and South Africa.

Here is in few words, how I found both – Walvis Bay and Cape Town and what did I do in pictures.

It was the early morning of Christmas Eve 2016, when a boat trip was organize to take us from the jetty of Walvis Bay for a seal and dolphin watching cruise. It was magnificent.

Upon departure few pelicans flew in the boat and didn’t mind to be feed, touched and escorted out of the boat.

 A small reminder here:

If you can, avoid touching the legs, as even if they say that a bite of the pelican is not painful and equivalent of paper cut, I’m not so sure that my friend felt this way, after he grad one of the legs of a pelican and the pelican “replied” by biting him in the hand  with no serious injuries.


Once we cut across the lagoon to the moored Russian trawlers, there were few seals known to swim up to the boats for something to eat. If you are among those adventure guests, there is the opportunity to feed fish to these playful animals.

The cruise continued to the Pelican Point, where a large colony of the seals was providing the entertainment. Cute and playful, the seals could be dangerous too,if provoked.

On our way back, sparking wine, a selection of local cheeses, snacks and fresh oysters were served along with the Namibian coffee ( fortified wine). It is needless to say that this was my favorite part of the cruise or the perfect end of it.

Going back to the ship, I didn’t miss the chance of getting some of the local cosmetic products – the body scrub and the body oil with the mystic aroma were phenomenal.

From Walvis Bay,  it took us a day and half to reach the beautiful city of Cape Town and finally finding a safe shelter from the rough, rough sea in that area. Since the weather in that day was way too windy, a visit to the Table Mountain was impossible, myself and another friend decided to take the blue tour for a picturesque sightseeing tour around the Peninsula with  highlight to the winery in Constantia ( the oldest wine region in South Africa). If I have to be honest in here, the limited time was the reason to not hop off at the Mariner’s Wharf for a nice sea food and more wine or Camps Bay to enjoy few hours on the beach, also the seaside promenade by St. John’s Road seemed interesting place to hop off and walk back to the Waterfront where was the last stop of the tour, but maybe I would do it another time, when I happen to visit Cape Town along with the visit of Table Mountain.


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