6 months at Sea across the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and the Mediterranean

It is the very early morning of the 17th of November and here am I sitting in my favourite coffee shop at the airport of Varna, Bulgaria, just waiting to board the first of the three planes, I’m about to take today before reaching my end destination – Dubai. I will have a shot time to recover before boarding the Silver Cloud cruise ship tomorrow, which will be my ‘ home’ for the rest of 5 1/2 months.

UAE, India, the Maldives, Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Greece, Italy and Monte Carlo are only few of the countries I will visit and I’m planning to report with details this time… In some of the places, I have been already, some like the Maldives, Seychelles and Kenya are new, but I’m equally exited.

Imagine, waking up in different place almost every morning, walking on different streets and actually getting good around, having your coffee, served in different ways in each place, swim or shop, no matter the activity, I will mention, it is just exited and among the best part  are the people I’m about to work with, have as guests onboard or will get the chance of talking to while on land.

It will be my 5th such contract with my current company, but for the first time I have decided to memorize the seen and done while away from home.

What I only wish is smooth sailing, mostly calm sea, enough water underneath and really great colleagues to share that experience with.



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