Gourmet Market -Les Halles de Lyon -Paul Bocuse

What are the first three words coming to your mind when you hear about the city of Lyon? Mine were beauty, silk and gourmet. Chosen for the best gateway city in Europe for last year, Lyon has become my favorite city in France too. Famous as the Birthplace of cinema, world capital of silk, Lyon is also known as the gastronomic capital of France and most probably the world as well.

One of my favorite spots while in Lyon was the Gourmet market – Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, located in the business district of Lyon- Part Dieu.

Here, I will just mention that last year I spent about 8 months working on a river cruise. The ship I was on, was doing the stretch Chalon-sur-Saone – Avignon and back on weekly basis, so I ended up visiting Lyon, something like 32 times for 2 days each time. Unfortunately, I decided only now to write about my experience while traveling, but I will try to recover most of my collected such in series of posts in the next months.

Les Halles de Lyon is one of the biggest and most famous covered gourmet markets in France. It first opened in the Year of 1859, so this make it one of the oldest as well. Today it houses more than 50 traders – cheese makers, bakers, pastry and chocolates stores, oysters and sea food corners, butchers, florists, bars, restaurateurs and wine merchants, all of them offering their finest production to their visitors and all located under one roof.

The name Paul Bocuse (The famous French Chef born Lyon, Michelin star holder and eternal ambassador of great cuisine)  raising the popularity of the market, making it must-see-spot while in Lyon.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sundays and Holidays until  1:00 pm, the market is livelier in the morning hours until the early afternoon. Some of the vendors are closing up around 4:00 pm, but in general you could enjoy any time when you decide to visit it. Most of the traders are really hospitable and will invite you taste a lot from their finest. Below are few of my favorite vendors with some of my favorite products.

Beillevaire – All about  cheese. http://www.fromagerie-beillevaire.com/ .

# Picture below taken from the official website.


Chocolate, chocolate – I did bought from all, but how could you resist “Delices de Sens http://www.chocolat-delices-des-sens.com/.


Wine and more Wine  – as for the wine merchants – Nicholas wine store  with more then 500  stores in France and Fac and Spera by Michel Chapoutier. Both of the wine stores are located in both opposite sites of the market.  http://www.halles-de-lyon-paulbocuse.com/filter/vins-spiritueux/

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