“Because you are exceptional”

 With a bottle of one of my favourite parfumes from Chanel and the words “Because you are exceptional”,  I would always remember my last meeting with a real- titled- Lady,who for the story,I would call Lady Margareth.

Lady Margareth was born in the United Kingdom something like 70 years ago in a family of commoners( like she said). Her title of a Lady,she recieved after marrying Sir George (name given for the short story) in the 1990’s. 

Every year,both of them would go cruising onboard a luxury yacht, every time,they would choose a different destination, but now for about 3 years, since she lost her husband, Lady Margareth would be seen traveling solo. Though, thanks to her charisma and chatty personality, she would always made great friends,who would look after her while onboard.So would do the staff onboard actually.

She became my favourite guest at all time, with her class, perfect manners, impaccable taste in clothing, hair style and way of engagging in conversations. 

It was always so loud around her, but I just love it. She has such a small body,straight and slender at the same time, but what left the impression was her hair- so heavy, long, gray and always worn tide up and always wearing little make up and Chanel,which I felt long after she left the reception desk.

She used to often stop by when I was behind desk every time with a different story or remark from the evening 😉 & every time I would have to stay longer, as I was taken away of my administrative duties, but it was  all worth it, as not every day one meet so extra-ordinary person,who have so much to offer and so much you could learn from. The kind of person that you meet twice for the period of 1 year and hope, the roads would cross again.

If this would happend, only time will show and until then I remember her and her  gesture (as she listened and knew that I also addore the brand Chanel) and the really strong words “Because you are exceptional” address to me and  said actually in the presence of my supervisor at this time…

5 thoughts on ““Because you are exceptional”

  1. Yes! I get that…I used to work in retail for Bloomingdale’s and for Estee Lauder (being a staple brand)and basically in the beauty and fragrance department you have a very mature clientle; you develop a lot of long standing realtionships. It’s quite special to hear their stories. And watch the the way they carry themselves, there is class and poise….there’s something to be learned there.


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