About Me and this BLOG

HELLO dear WordPress readers!

This is me, adventurous, sassy and well-travelled  girl, coming and living in Varna- a beautiful town located near the Black Sea coast and this is going to be a blog mostly about strong people I have met  during the time I spend travelling half the world and who left a great impression, places I have visited, a bit about all my passions such as fashion, architecture and design, good food and pairing wine.

Always wearing a smile on my face, sunglasses, my camera, a good cup of cappuccino in one hand and with the other hand-shopping bags or a travel guide, I was usualy the last one coming back onboard the cruise ship I was working on for the past four years,traveling and stepping foot, to write a story about, in almost every country in Asia, Middle East, Africa,the Carribean, Canada, Europe and the Arctic…

Those four years actually were among my best ones,spending time to collect beauty and meet such in the faces of the locals  or the strangers such and even though I am based ashore for the past 2 months now, my heart and mind are always near the sea…

Bon Voyage and always happy to receive your feedbacks 😉

4 thoughts on “About Me and this BLOG

    1. Hello Linda, wow,thank you really soo very much for leaving that positive comment.I appreciate it a lot.I actually also love your blog😉,writting about all my favourites-cocktails,make up,beauty and the rest😉


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