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” Целувки от Торино”

Не се сетих за по-подходящо заглавие за следващият блог, който ще ни разходи из красивите улици на един град в Северна Италия – страна, която заедно с Франция и Испания е дала и продължава да дава много красота на света, но и една от тези, където хората обожават да се поздравяват, разделят и общуват…. целувайки се. Като пиша тези редове, си мисля, какво ли им … Continue reading ” Целувки от Торино”

За едно архитектурно приятелство ….

Ден 11-ти от социалната изолация, в която цял свят се намира. Най-после с малко време за себе си, съответно време за някои от хобитата ми, за които почти не намирах време. Едно от тях е воденето на блог, който започна малко на шега преди години, докато пътувах, но за който така и не оставаше време. Преди няколко дни, също на шега, се предизвиках да намеря … Continue reading За едно архитектурно приятелство ….

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Montreal in Few Hours

Here I am, sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Varna, fully enjoying my cup of cappuccino while, also admiring the colours of my favourite season – the autumn and thinking about the autumn in another lovely city, from where I recently returned – Montreal. While visiting Canada this year, I remembered  the thoughts of a good friend of mine that used to … Continue reading Montreal in Few Hours

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St. Petersburg – one of my favorite cities during the Baltic Season

Good day, my dear All, It has been a while, since I last blogged, but here it is the next blog about one of my recently added to my favorite cities – St. Petersburg.   From Copenhagen, Stockholm, St. Petersburg to Talin and Helsinki, I spend two lovely months cruising in the Baltic Sea, most of the time spent in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lucky enough … Continue reading St. Petersburg – one of my favorite cities during the Baltic Season

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Madrid – simply in love with this city

Good evening my dear All, Here am I, sitting in a beautiful wine bar located at the Terrace at my hotel in Valencia, where I was attending  Spanish Language course during my vacation from work this summer, and even though Valencia is magnetic and I will write about my time in here in the next days, all I can thing while having my wine now … Continue reading Madrid – simply in love with this city

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Old towns of Santorini and Mykonos in Pictures

There is no secret that Greece is one of my favourite countries to travel, shop, dine, relax, drink my Frappes, Freddos and wine. I always enjoyed consuming the culture and get lost in some of the small streets in the Old towns of the islands or such in the Mainland and always happy to return and practice my Greek. Border country of my homeland meant … Continue reading Old towns of Santorini and Mykonos in Pictures

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From Dubai to South Africa

Wow, I can’t believe myself how fast the time has past. The 2 1/2 months after joining my new home-at-sea are gone. From Dubai via  Abu Dhabi and then India, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar ( Tanzania) and the Seychelles, here is how I saw few of the places I went out at. Dubai Dubai is with no doubt a city of contrast, innovation and creativity. It … Continue reading From Dubai to South Africa

An afternoon in Petra

Petra, one of the world’s most impressive and atmospheric archaeological sites, once thriving metropolis,then forgotten for more then 500 years, before rediscovered again, is nowadays one of the most visited or desire-to-visit city on Earth. The visit of Petra in the afternoon of 12 April, 2017  has marked the highlight of my entire 6 months at sea and the memory of which are still so … Continue reading An afternoon in Petra

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve

What would be a visit to South Africa without a visit of one of its many nature game reserves?  Not complete, i guess. Located within a short drive from the East London, Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve is not among the top 10 Game reserves in South Africa or on the African continent, but it was a great way to … Continue reading Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve